We’re the SouthWest Michigan Group (SWMG) of the Michigan Chapter, Sierra Club

If you belong to the Sierra Club and live in one of the nine counties in the southwest corner of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, you’re an important member of the SouthWest Michigan Group of the Sierra Club’s Michigan Chapter.

The Sierra Club’s motto is Explore, Enjoy, and Protect the Planet.

We meet the second Tuesday of every month at Gallagher’s Eatery and Pub, 4210 Stadium Drive, Kalamazoo. We start gathering for food at about 5:00 PM. The meeting starts at 6:00. The public is welcome! You don’t need to be a member to come to our meetings and find out what we’re up to.

SouthWest Michigan Group elections are coming up.

Learn all about it here. Volunteer your leadership skills. Suggest candidates. Help find volunteer activist leaders.

Important news:

Sierra Club Michigan Chapter supports the drive to put a legislative initiative on the 2016 ballot that would ban fracking statewide.

Here’s a link to the July 20 Michigan Chapter news release supporting the initiative. See our News Page and our Fracking Ban page for more information or check out MLive’s report. The Sierra Club and many other organizations have joined the campaign begun by the Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan.

The Sierra Club is recruiting volunteers for the petition to ban fracking in Michigan. Please help!poll

People all over Michigan will gladly support a fracking ban. Please help get their signatures on the petition to ban fracking in Michigan!

Volunteer for the fracking ban campaign


More information here.

Paid for with regulated funds by the Sierra Club Committee to Make Michigan Safe from Fracking.

National Drive Electric Week is coming up, and Sierra Club SouthWest Michigan Group will make Kalamazoo a major participant.

Kalamazoo Drive Electric WeekSWMG member Ben Brown has registered us with National Drive Electric Week.

It’s all happening the week of September 12 to 20. Ben Brown has arranged for the People’s Food Co-op parking lot to serve as an electric car showcase and a staging area for free test drives. It’s happening Wednesday, September 16, from 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM, at 507 Harrison Street, Kalamazoo. Come join us! You just might learn that what you think you know about electric cars may not be exactly right!

Ben has lots of other plans in the works. Please go to our Drive Electric Week page and let us know you’re coming. While you’re there, you can sign up to give Ben a hand. He’s going to need lots of help setting everything up and taking it all back down again on test-drive day. There’ll be lots of other work for you, at several other events during the week. Besides the “Register” and “Volunteer” buttons, there’s a button that will let you send Ben a message.

Keep checking back as Ben’s plans develop. Stay up to date on what else he’s got in store for us in Kalamazoo that week!

Join the West Michigan Peoples’ Climate March

West Michigan Peoples' Climate MarchMonday, September 21, is International Day of Peace.

Pope Francis will visit the U.S. September 22-27.

The preliminary festivities will begin Saturday, September 19 with the West Michigan Peoples’ Climate March!

Everyone is welcome at this family-friendly event. Join the movement to build Climate Resilience in West Michigan – a celebratory parade of allies taking action alongside you to address climate change. Gather yourself, family, friends, and colleagues and get involved. Sport matching t-shirts, bring signs, banners, and puppets for a lively celebratory parade of people passionate about building a safe and healthy planet for all.

1:00pm to 2:30pm, Saturday, September 19. Meet at 6th Street Bridge Park, Grand Rapids Michigan.

More information here, along with a helpful but not necessary registration form. We’re working on making carpooling available to Grand Rapids. If you need a ride or can offer a ride, send us an email.

From our Environmental News page.

  • Youth group sues federal government over climate change.
  • Sierra Club Michigan Chapter doesn’t think Palisades should get regulatory exemptions.
  • We support putting a fracking ban legislative initiative on the ballot.

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Coming events

Urban Stormwater Management in Kalamazoo: bus tour and presentations, 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM, lunch included, Friday, August 28. Information and registration here.

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