SW Michigan Group Sierra ClubIf you belong to the Sierra Club and live in one of the nine counties in Michigan’s southwest corner, you’re a member of the SW Michigan Group (SWMG) of Sierra Club’s Michigan Chapter. We meet at 6 PM on the first Wednesday of every month at the Friends Meeting House, 508 Denner St, Kalamazoo. (Click here for map.) Members and non-members are welcome. Bring your family and friends!

Lena Moffitt, director of the Sierra Club’s Dirty Fuels campaign, answers the question “What Now?

Please take action on these political issues:

Join the movement that’s trending nationally!

  • New York Times – Nonprofits Opposed to Trump’s Ideology See a Surge in Donations.
  • Fortune – Trump Effect: Civil Liberties Groups See Surge in Donations.
  • Bloomberg – Money Pours Into Sierra Club at Frantic Pace After Trump Victory.

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Sierra Club SW Michigan Group is involved in these national, state, and local issues.

Sierra Club is “unequivocally opposed” to nuclear energy.

Sierra Club SW Michigan Group and Michigan Safe Energy Future have formed the Palisades Shutdown Campaign Coalition. We meet the third Wednesday of every month, 7 PM, First Congregational Church, at Park and W. Michigan, Kalamazoo. Public welcome!

Sierra Club is an annual co-sponsor of National Drive Electric Week.

SW Michigan Group sponsored Kalamazoo Drive Electric Week 2016Ben Brown of Sierra Club SW Michigan Group organized Kalamazoo Drive Electric Week 2016 and 2015.

Some of Sierra Club SW Michigan Group’s conservation work:

Against Fracking

Let's ban frackingThe Sierra Club is working to move the U.S. beyond oil and to end the environmental destruction that fracking causes.

Sierra Club Michigan Chapter and SW Michigan Group endorse the Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan. We’ve been collecting signatures to put a legislative initiative on the ballot that will ban fracking and storage of radioactive frack waste in Michigan. You can help.

For SW Michigan’s future
  • Our annual involvement in the Portage Green-A-Thon helps show people how to live “green.”
  • Kathy Van Deusen is inspiring the next generation of conservationists.
  • Every April, Bill Strong heads up a project or two with other organizations. This year, he got young people involved in conservation work in Saugatuck Dunes State Park and the Allegan State Game Area.
  • More information on what SW Michigan Group members are doing is available under the “Activism & Causes” menu heading.

Here are a few ways you can help our causes:

Your pressure delayed Michigan’s ugly energy bills! But this package has finally passed the State Senate and gone to the House.

Turn up the heat again! Two State Senators from SW Michigan want to lead our state back to the fossil fuel industry’s 20th century heyday. Visit our “Contact Your State Representative” page for information on this retrograde energy package – including your representative’s mailing address, email address, phone and fax numbers.

Enbridge Line 5 beneath the Straits of Mackinac. It's corroded in places. It is 63 years old.

Don’t let our leaders in Lansing forget the worst inland oil spill in U.S. history when a break in Enbridge Line 6B dumped a million gallons of sludge into Talmadge Creek and the Kalamazoo river. Enbridge Line 5 beneath the Straits of Mackinac is another disaster waiting to happen. It’s corroded in places. It’s 63 years old. It’s inadequately supported on a shifting and eroding lake bed. Keep pressing to shut it down! (Click to enlarge photo.)

Tell Michigan officials: Shut down Line 5!

This ancient pipeline beneath the Straits of Mackinac threatens catastrophe for the Great Lakes. More info here and here.

Public outcry – including shutdown resolutions adopted by more than two dozen Michigan communities – has prompted Michigan officials to talk tough and to demand more and clearer information. The result? More studies. No action.

  • Send an email to the Michigan Petroleum Pipeline Task Force at the Department of Environmental Quality.
  • Make a phone call to Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette at (866) 862-3237.
  • Sign the petition to Michigan’s Governor and legislators.

More than 35 million people depend on the Great Lakes for clean drinking water.

Join Sierra Club’s national campaign for fair and representative redistricting.

“Shadowy organizations and big polluters,” says this Sierra Club report, “are trying to suppress the vote, especially from communities of color and other minority communities. One way they’re doing this is through gerrymandering, or redrawing electoral districts to establish a political advantage by grouping certain demographics together or blocking them out.”

Sierra Club SW Michigan Group has joined the Michigan Chapter’s Redistricting Education Survey program.

Why is half of Union City in a voting district that borders Lake Erie and the other half in the same district as Grand Rapids? See our “Gerrymandering” page to learn more about Michigan ‘s voting districts and why they’re drawn the way they are. Then sign the online Redistricting Education Survey.

Important news…

From our Environmental News page.

  • Entergy announces October, 2018, permanent shutdown for Palisades Nuclear Plant.
  • Lansing lame duck session: It’s ugly bill time!
  • DEQ ineptitude prompts Sierra Club and local officials to call for EPA intervention in another Michigan water crisis, this time in the Ann Arbor area.
  • Standing Rock spirit spreads to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
  • The “problem” with electric cars: They’re too quiet!
  • UN Marrakech climate change conference expels three representatives of the organization headed by Trump’s pick to lead EPA transition.
  • Nuclear power will save the planet? Wrong, says former nuke industry executive.
  • Nestlé is drawing 150 gallons per minute from its Michigan well. Not enough says Nestlé. They want 400 gallons per minute!
  • Happy Halloween! Fifteen-year-old abandoned Niles, Michigan, power plant plan is rising from the dead.
  • New bills call for stronger regulation of fracking in Michigan.
  • Clean energy keeps getting cheaper and cheaper.
  • Clean nuclear energy? Nope. Nuclear power contributes to global warming.
  • Studies show that utility bill surcharges against home solar users are not justified.

From Palisades

For updates on our Palisades problem, see our “Safe Nuclear Energy??” page.

From Flint

Two years and counting: Flint’s water problem has faded from the mainstream headlines, but the problem is far from solved, and new developments arise daily. Follow Michigan Chapter’s Flint Water Debacle page for the latest information.

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